Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kayaking for Fun

Kayaking has existed a long time ago about 4,000 years. They aren’t new to the ears and obviously not recent discoveries. Although not everybody is familiar with kayaking, it is slowly making its name to the arena of sports. Nowadays, it is considered to be a well-liked outdoor sport and a hobby. It is a sport that everybody has fallen in love with because it has a unique way of experiencing the wonders of nature and the breeze of fresh air. It is an ideal reason for you to unveil the hidden mysteries of the river once you engage into this sport since most of the time you are in the water. For those people who are fond of solitary moments and take pleasure in tranquility, this sport is absolutely fit for you. If you are so stressed, and you feel you needed a break and get away from the pressures of your work, this sport is also a great way to unwind yourself. And, if you think you just need to get outside to move your muscles, enjoy an adventure of your lifetime or simply to relax and entertain yourself, kayaking is certainly the best answer to your desire.

There are a few essential considerations before you let the fun begin.


It all depends on how often you can go kayaking. If you think you can go kayaking most of the time, then it is best for you to buy your own kayak. Price range varies with the type and quality of your choice. However, if you feel you can only go out a few times each year, then maybe you would consider renting instead.


For you to fully enjoy this sport, physical fitness is a must! Therefore, you need to assess if you are fit because it requires a lot of strength, energy and staying power. If you are a first-timer, it helps to do some warm up exercises and stretching before engaging into the sport to help minimize muscle soreness and fatigue. In the long run, you will soon be able to discover that you had the muscles you never thought of having.


Even though kayaking is an adventurous sport, it can also be dangerous. The water and climate condition, for example, may be unpredictable so safety precautions should be known. It is always advisable to attend a brief orientation before starting out so that if you have any questions, uncertainties or doubts, an expert is there to answer your questions, tell you your limitations and to guide you. Listen and follow carefully for instructions. Vigilance, common sense and the ability to swim are very necessary too. Always prepare for emergencies. Proper gearing equipment is also crucial. A life jacket must go along with you, even if you’re a good swimmer because in case of circumstances beyond your control, it can undeniably save your life. The purpose of a helmet is to protect your head. You should also wear waterproof gears preferably the comfortable and breathable ones. Since it is an outdoor sport, you are exposed to the sun. To shield you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses combined with a strong sun protective lotion may be needed. To prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion, bring along enough drinking water. Familiarize the environment and stay away from dangerous areas of the river. For security reasons, if you are new to the sport, it is suggested not to go kayaking alone but rather with a friend or in groups. In case you need help, keep signaling devices such as whistles at hand.

Some of the basic instructions you need to be aware of before plunging into the water:

  • Stretch your muscles to strengthen them.
  • Know how to sit in the kayak properly so you will be confident that your boat is stable and will not topple. It is always a much better idea to let your instructor demonstrate how it is done.
  • Learn the techniques on properly holding your paddle to maintain a firm grip and develop the skill for steering. There is always a correct way of doing things like the paddle holding technique, which is very essential to know since the paddle serves as the propeller and a guide. The rolling over technique is also of equal importance since it is used in certain situations when one is experiencing a tip over. If you are able to master some of the vital skills quickly, then the sooner you will be able to prevent yourself for possible injuries.

During the ancient times, it was of extreme importance. However, today, even though it still has a practical use, it is very unusual to see a kayak being used as a means for fishing. That’s why if you are given the opportunity to experience the thrilling, soothing, fun and excitement kayaking has to offer, why not try it for yourself. After all, there is no harm in trying. Just don’t forget to be safe.